Weekly Home Maintenance
Made Easy.

Our email reminders streamline your home maintenance tasks, teaching you how to care for your home effectively. Beyond reminders, enjoy additional features like monthly property valuation reports and weekly garbage collection alerts.

InspectNest gives you a 360 view of your house. Maintenance Alerts, Property Valuation,
                                         and Garbage Alerts. Maintenance Alerts are sent to you when you need to change your air filters,
                                         clean your gutters, or inspect your roof. Property Valuation is updated monthly, so you always know
                                         the value of your home. Garbage Alerts are sent to you when your garbage collection day is coming up.

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How It Works

Getting your Weekly Home Maintenance Checklist is easy!

Dashboard of InspectNest, showing overall analysis of property and neighbourhood.

Discover the simplicity of managing your home with InspectNest

  • Sign-Up with Ease: Begin by providing basic property details. It's quick and straightforward.
  • Technology: Our system generates a maintenance schedule for your property, along with the garbage collection timetable for your area and our AI models generate the value of your home on a monthly basis.
  • Absolutely Free: Enjoy all these features at no cost for homeowners. We're committed to making home care accessible and hassle-free.

Maximize Your Home's Comfort and Value

Embrace a smarter approach to home management with InspectNest. Our suite of tools is designed to ease your home maintenance tasks, enhance property understanding, and keep you connected with your community, all while offering exclusive partner discounts.

Home Care Made Easy

With our weekly maintenance alerts, you'll tackle home care tasks with ease. These reminders help you manage your home efficiently, preventing costly repairs and extending your property's lifespan.

Monthly Property Valuations

Gain a clear picture of your home's value with our AI-driven monthly updates. These insights help you understand market trends and make informed decisions, ensuring you're always up-to-date with your property's financial standing.

Local Alerts for Community Connection

Keep in touch with your neighbourhood through our community alerts, starting with garbage collection schedules. Stay informed about local events and updates.

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What Our Users Say

“Since using InspectNest, the difference in my home maintenance routine is like night and day. The weekly reminders keep me on track and have helped me avoid some expensive repairs. Plus, knowing my property's value each month is incredibly reassuring.”

- Emma, Homeowner

“I've been in real estate for years, and InspectNest has simplified how I manage my properties. The real-time valuation updates are a game-changer for making timely decisions. And my tenants appreciate the local community alerts too.”

- David, Real Estate Investor

“As a new homeowner, InspectNest has been a lifesaver. The maintenance alerts are easy to follow and the community updates have helped me settle into my new neighborhood.”

- Sophia, First-time Homebuyer

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